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We have partnered with another organization, MD1World (, to allow surgeons in LMICs to ask questions about patient issues.  The website for MD1World is secure and allows patient information, included X-rays and photographs, to be loaded in a password-protected environment.  A simple sign-in process assures that your patient's information will not be viewed by inappropriate users of the Internet.  

Click here to be taken to the homepage of MD1world.  

The first time you visit the website, click on "Join our Community of Physicians" to complete a form where your information will be reviewed before you can access content on the website.  Each time you visit the website thereafter, simply use the "Login" button to enter your user name and password.

Then under "Cases" along the left navigational bar, choose "Start a Case."

A community of surgeons will be available to respond to your questions in a timely fashion.  You can choose to receive an email when a response has been posted.

The discussion threads will remain on the website and ultimately will be searchable by topic.


This is a new feature on our website, and we encourage as many people as possible to try it out so we can streamline the process and iron out the bugs in the system.


Please email if you have any problems or questions.

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